Every business in the world wants to stand out and beat the stiff competition in the market. To significantly impact the success of the business, it is essential to effectively manage and track the sales process. Close is a comprehensive sales productivity platform focused on empowering sales teams to do just that.

What is Close?

Close is sales customer relationship management (CRM) software developed to improve and align the sales process. Close combines communication channels, customer management, and sales automation tools to save time for sales department teams, drive sales and improve productivity, making it an all-in-one platform. The platform is unique in its functionality, making it the go-to software for many businesses. It is designed to fit the needs of both small and large-scale sales teams, ensuring maximum sales experience irrespective of operations scale.

Key benefits

Integrated Communication

Close has built-in calling, SMS, and email functionality. These functions make it easy for sales teams to reach out to prospects directly from the platform. In addition, it allows the monitoring and management of all business communications, ensuring no vital information is lost.

Sales Automation

Another significant benefit is the platform’s power dialers, predictive dialing, and automated email sequences. These functions are critical to reducing manual tasks and allowing sales teams to focus more on selling and less on data entry.

Robust Reporting

Close provides in-depth reporting and analytics that give real-time insights into sales performance, call activities, and sales forecasts. With this information, business leaders can make quick, data-driven decisions.

User-Friendly Interface

The platform prides itself on its easy-to-use, intuitive interface that allows sales team members to manage their workflows effectively.

Pricing Plan

Close offers four primary pricing plans, covering different business needs and scales:

Starter for $29 monthly per user: Basic CRM features like lead management and two-way email sync are included.

Basic for $69 monthly per user: Additional features include call automation, SMS, and API access.

Professional for $99 monthly per user: Besides the basic plan, this plan adds features such as bulk email sending, customizable sales reporting, and phone number porting.

Business for $149 monthly per user: The plan includes all Professional plan features and advanced features like custom integrations and priority support.

All the above subscription plans come with a 14-day free trial for potential users to test the software before subscribing to any of them.

How it works

Setting up a Close account is straightforward for first-time users. Once you set up your existing account, you can conveniently import your existing contacts or add fresh contacts and leads manually or through website integrations. Close offers a consolidated platform, enabling sales representatives to manage all their tasks without switching tabs, which saves time.

Salespeople can easily reach out directly to leads. The platform has emailing and calling features. You no longer need to store contacts manually because the platform logs all interactions automatically, which supports accountability for all business communications.

Furthermore, Close has a power dialer feature, which salespeople can use to queue a list of contacts. The software automatically dials the following number after each call. The function reduces time wasted dialing manually. With Close, email sequences can also be automated, enabling teams to reach out to leads at scale.

The software also has a reporting feature that provides a real-time sales pipeline view. You can see information like the number of deals in progress, expected revenue and how each sales rep performs. This information is critical to decision-making and strategizing.

Customer support

Close offers extensive customer support to ensure users make the most of their platform. The support team is always available and can be reached via live chat or email during office hours. An extensive online help center with tutorials and guides is also provided on the platform. Besides, the business plan option offers priority support, ensuring faster response.

Additionally, Close offers other significant resources like e-books, webinars and blogs to help users understand the best practices, tips and in-depth knowledge of using the software for maximum sales productivity.

In conclusion, Close is a vital tool for sales management. The platform offers a robust, user-friendly sales CRM platform to help sales representatives manage their leads, automate manual tasks and make data-driven decisions. Considering its features and convenient pricing plans, the platform can be valuable for any business. If you want to make more sales and be more productive to increase revenue, Close is an excellent choice.

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