Keap New Email Builder Features 

Keap New Email Builder Features 

Great news! Keap has officially launched its new email builder in the Campaign Builder for Max Classic. Additionally, the email builder will soon be accessible when sending email broadcasts in Max Classic. This new feature is expected to improve the user experience while creating and sending official emails. The email builder is available in the keap Max Classic, Max, and Pro.

The Features of the New Keap Email Builder 

The following are the fantastic features you will enjoy with the new email builder:

Large Template Selection  

The new keap email builder has a broad range of pre-designed templates for users. However, you can still create the template you want to use from scratch. If you are in a rush and want to create and send an official email without creating a design that may take you much time, this feature will meet your needs.  

Multi-Column Support to Customize Your Template

The newly launched keap email builder provides multi-column support. The feature allows you to design custom layouts for your emails quickly. This feature is perfect for using more complex email designs, including multiple sections.  

A Text-Only Section  

Sometimes, the emails we want to send out only require a few functions. Sometimes all we need is to write text and nothing more. Keap has a text-only feature in their new email builder that you can use to create and send a straightforward message with only the text you want to convey. If you want to send out plain text emails that are easy to read and comprehend and are not likely to land in the spam box, the feature will save your day.  

A New File Download Button  

Do you want to include downloadable files in your next email? You need not worry because the new keap email builder can support the function. If you want your email recipient to receive additional resources or supportive information in file formats, you can do that conveniently.   

A Countdown Timer  

Is yours a promotion email announcing limited-time sales or offers? The new email builder has a countdown timer to depict your recipient’s urgency. 

Desktop View or Toggle Mobile 

The newly launched keap email builder lets you conveniently switch between mobile design and desktop modes. The feature also ensures that your emails are optimized for mobile devices and appear incredible on any device.  

Improved Image Library  

You can now use any image you desire in your professional emails. Whether you want to use the free professional stock images or upload and manage photos from your device, the new email builder will support the function. You will quickly and conveniently find and attach professional-quality photos to your emails. The process is timely and an excellent time-saver because the users will no longer have to omit visuals that may interest their recipients. Besides, they will not have to spend much time searching for images.  

Are you ready to start building those stunning professional emails? Visit Keap’s website and discover all the features mentioned above.