Boost Your Customer Management with Top-Rated CRM Software: Reasons to Consider Vtiger, Agile, and Salesflare CRM 

Boost Your Customer Management with Top-Rated CRM Software: Reasons to Consider Vtiger, Agile, and Salesflare CRM 

Identifying the best Customer Relationship Management software for your enterprise takes work due to the numerous options and features available. It is important to note that a well-chosen CRM software is beneficial in effectively tracking and managing customer relationships, accurately recording all interactions between a business, its customers, and prospects, and placing all relevant customer information in a concise live record.

Additionally, CRM software is primarily in sales departments as a central hub for salesforce automation and integrating with:

  • Customer service
  •  Marketing automation
  •  E-commerce platforms
  •  Other applications to facilitate a coordinated
  •  An enhanced customer experience

Additionally, some CRM software offers several customer-related functions, sometimes all-in-one functionality.

Why Do You Need to Consider Vtiger, Agile, and Salesflare CRM? 

Whether you are just launching your business or have been operating it for a while, an effective CRM is crucial, especially since using Customer Relationship software is one of the top trends in marketing. Fortunately, these top-rated CRM software solutions offer a combination of affordability and functionality that can work for you.

Vtiger CRM

Vtiger CRM is a cloud-based CRM solution powered by AI; its designed to meet the need of small and medium businesses, and it is an all-in-one CRM built for easy integration with other apps.

Key Features

source: Vtiger & Capterra

 Vtiger logo, Price and Review rate image
  • Marketing automation  
  • Product Catalogue  
  • Quotes/proposals generation  
  • Project management  
  • Call logging  
  • List management  
  • Customer support 
  • Lead scoring  
  • Activity management  
  • Account management  
  • Opportunity management  
  • Contact management  

Overall, Vtiger CRM’s features are recognize as its significant advantage over other CRMs.

Pricing Plan  

Pilot all in one – $0 (free plan suitable for businesses getting started with CRM) 

One professional all in one – $30 monthly per user, billed annually 

One enterprise all in one – $42 monthly per user billed annually  


Customization and flexibility are important factors when selecting a CRM software solution for your business. In this regard, Vtiger stands out as a highly customizable platform that can be designe to match specific business needs, allowing owners to design it according to their preferences rather than conforming to a predetermined workflow. 

Additionally, the platform is user-friendly and easy to use, making it accessible even to non-technical users who may not be familiar with complex software systems.

Agile  CRM

For small and medium-sized businesses seeking a reliable CRM solution, the Agile Customer Relationship Management tool is a well-known option that offers exceptional effectiveness. The platform is designed to focus on customer services, providing a seamless connection between sales, social media marketing, general marketing and other online channels within a single, integrated interface.

With its all-in-one functionality, Agile CRM simplifies the customer relationship management, making it easier for businesses to give personalized and efficient client support across numerous channels. Furthermore, powerful platform capabilities such as email campaigns and analytics enable businesses to create targeted marketing strategies that generate revenue and growth.

Key Features 

Source: Agile CRM & Capterra

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  • Project management  
  • Contact management  
  • Schedule appointments  
  • Social CRM 
  • Telephony  
  • Landing page builder  
  • Calendar management  
  • Invoice management  
  • Lead generation  
  • Project tracking  
  • Reporting and analytics  
  • Document management  
  • Web forms  
  • Task management  
  • Lead management  

Pricing plan

Free trial – $0 

Starter – $14.99 monthly per user  

Regular – $49.99 monthly per user  

Enterprise – $79.99 monthly per user


Users regard Agile CRM as one of the market’s most user-friendly Customer Relationship Management systems. Particularly, the platform’s UI, is fast and intuitive, making it usable to all team members regardless of technical knowledge. One of the most major advantages of Agile CRM is its user-friendly design, which decreases the learning curve for team members and enhances adoption rates. Plus, the platform’s simplicity implies that consumers can use it without additional training or help.  

Salesflare  CRM

Salesflare CRM is a software solution that primarily assists businesses to effectively generate and follow-up leads. Specifically, the platform has automation and sales tracking tools that allow firms to optimize their lead generation and sales operations.
Businesses may use Salesflare CRM to automate numerous lead generating and follow-up tasks, such as sending follow-up emails, setting reminders, and scheduling appointments. Additionally, the platform’s sales tracking tools allow firms to analyze their sales pipeline, assess their team’s effectiveness, and discover improvement areas.

Key Features

Source: Salesflare & Capterra

salesflare logo, review rate, and price
  • Contacts and accounts management  
  • Territory and quota management  
  • Customer contract management  
  • Opportunity and pipeline management  
  • Desktop integration  
  • Activity/task management  
  • Quote and order management  
  • Customer contract management

Pricing Plan

Growth – $29 monthly per user  

Pro – $49 monthly per user  

Enterprise – $99 monthly per user  


Salesflare is easy to use for managing and tracking the sales process.
The system has automation options that are helpful to the users.
Furthermore, the app version makes it convenient for users to access the platform with any device; from any location; at any time; resulting in convenient usability and an increase in productivity.


When choosing CRM software for your business, consider some factors before settling on a specific one. Check out several systems before making a final decision since each comes with various packages, features and functions. Think of the best combination for your business and choose one that will benefit your business.